Boardroom Videoconferencing

Boardroom Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing has gained popularity in today's increasingly global workplace. With workers, clients, and other stakeholders dispersed across the country's regions or across the world, managers are seeking communications solutions that maximize connectedness. Effective videoconferencing is a key component of any communications strategy.
Videoconferencing has had a great impact not only on business, but also many other fields, including education, medicine and the media. For example, guest lecturers from distant university campuses can interact with students at another location, or medical researchers can collaborate on developing new treatments in real time. Even legal systems use videoconferencing for various purposes, such as allowing remote testimony for certain court cases. The International Monetary Fund has long maintained a secure videoconferencing site where they can give video briefings to professional journalists around the world.
In business, boardroom videoconferencing is ubiquitous. Recent research proves that access to integrated communications tools is a critical element of business success, and also shows that a majority of corporate employees with videoconferencing capabilities report using the tool "frequently.” Most common uses of the technology were for meetings between employees in different locations, and for employees who "telecommute.”

Cost-Effective Connectedness

Every business wants to keep its stakeholders and employees connected and focused on common goals. Meeting face-to-face may be necessary from time to time, but it's expensive and time-consuming. Videoconferencing allows people working on the same initiatives to collaborate as often as they wish, and keeps them connected. By maximizing clear and frequent communication, videoconferencing can help to speed problem solving, improve decision-making, and build relationships. All of these things help your company's bottom line.
There are less tangible benefits, too. Employees who don't need to travel as often can achieve a better work/home balance. And substituting videoconferencing for travel helps to reduce your company's environmental footprint.

Integrated Collaborative Strategy

Many companies are partnering with collaborative communication experts to design a customized communications strategy that includes telephony, IT, and videoconferencing. These firms will analyze your company's unique profile and operations, and come up with an integrated strategy that works for what you do. Their services can include everything from selecting the colour of the walls in your presentation room to making sure that your employees have videoconferencing capabilities on hand-held mobile devices in remote locations such as a manufacturing plant floor a continent away, or an offshore oil rig.
With the great advances in videoconferencing technologies in recent years, the standard technique has become as simple as making a phone call. Better firms take into account all of the elements necessary to enhance the quality of your videoconference experience. This can take many forms, such as ensuring there is no feedback or reverberation of sound, or the installation of interactive SMART boards that help participants share information and graphics. Premium companies also offer a package that provides ongoing support, making it easy to troubleshoot if difficulties arise, or to expand videoconferencing capacity as needed.
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